Waffle Blanket - Caramel


This perfect blended linen baby blanket is the best helper for every mom. It fits everywhere - as a decor, bedding, laying over yourself, but the most importantly -keeping your baby warm, comfortable and safe in this soft waffle blanket. 

Blended linen waffle blanket made of cotton and linen blend make it the most versatile and comfortable blanket ever!

This waffled blanket is very breathable and absorptive. Use it as you like, it will work great both as a towel and a blanket and will serve you for ages. Even more, it fits all seasons - waffle weave was designed to regulate body temperature. Thin inner square parts let the air circulate, while the thick outline of the squares retains warmth. This way the baby will stay warm and comfortable in ideal temperature, no matter what season it is. 

Blended linen blankets are unbelievably easy to maintain! Just wash blanket on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low to warm setting or hang dry. Avoid contact with velcro, zippers, or other hardware that has the potential to snag the material. Another great thing? The more you wash blended linen blanket - the softer it gets! And it's so stretchy, you will definitely love it!

120x120 cm

Composition: 52% linen, 48% cotton

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