The concept of Glorious Cubs came to me after many sleepless nights, while shopping online for my daughter. I was struggling to find an online boutique with modern handpicked quality essentials, while still being able to shop for top designer brands for babies and kids.

Glorious Cubs is providing meaningful modern pieces that are stylish and functional. But most importantly, we focus on good quality that last and can be passed down to siblings, family and friends or even swapped in your local community.

Our purpose is finding designers we love, from Canada and all over the world, and making their creations accessible to everybody. We are selecting them not only for their quality and style but their attitude towards the environment and humanity. We have carefully curated a unique selection, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

From our pack to yours, with love.

Annie-Claude Fall - Founder of Glorious Cubs


picture credit: Jamie Anholt